Time For Change

Many of you will know that our tALk active dance classes have been £5 for almost four years and I’m really pleased we’ve been able to keep the price at this level for so long. Over the years our classes have grown enormously...

....and with this comes increased costs e.g. team, training, equipment, marketing, admin etc. In addition to these, hall prices have gone up significantly and because we run som many classes we have to pay VAT which means 20% of your class fee goes straight to the tax man! We've absorbed these costs over the last 4 years but sadly we can no longer carry them without your help.

If we're to continue to offer great classes that are great fun and keep your fit and healthy, we must increase our class entry fee. So from October 2018 our ZUMBA classes will be £6. We'll bring the voucher scheme back in Oct so you receive a free class if you purchase 6 vouchers in advance. Vouchers aren't date stamped so can be used anytime. If you come to class regularly you will know we're passionate about what we do and try our best to deliver our best at every class.

We hope that you will continue to find our classes great value for money. Anne XX